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Song request access

Allow fans to easily buy access to request a song.

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Why Colourbox is better

Easy setup & easy execution

From sign up to setup there is literally only a few clicks and a few fields of information that need to be entered. Once your event is live, you will receive SMS notifications when a song request is received so you can operate hands free.

Easy access for fans

All fans have to do to submit a song request is click your link/scan your QR code, double tap to pay (if they have apple pay/google pay), type in their song, and submit. It’s that simple.


We understand that it’s unrealistic to allow everyone at an event to request a song. That is why you can set a specific amount of song requests that can be sold at your preffered price point.


Since song requests will be limited, fans can resell to other fans if they haven’t used the song request (before the event ends). The best part is you earn a cut from the resales.

Easy cashout

Cashout the money you earned from song requests the same week.