Womb Temple

Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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watercolor , colored pencil on coldpressed paper


8" X 11"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


Womb Temple is the first painting I intuitively painted at the end of 2020. This work was the birth of a new energy-cycle in my life journey . It is the first work in my series “Rebirth of Satya, the Age of Crystal Origins”. This painting represents my vision of the WOMB TEMPLE in the Golden Age of Earth where the Masculine and feminine WITHIN our soul and our planet are in Harmony, and open to their full divine potential. . The colors, blue, dark red and pink represents the divine feminine principles of water, flow, Moon, sacred blood of womb, fertility, Heart, love, softness, depth, mystery, Healing, intuition and wisdom . The colors, yellow and orange symbolize the divine masculine principles of Fire, Sun, warmth, heat, illumination, light, action, motivation, determination, confidence, sharpness of mind, brightness, and clarity. . Water and Fire are eternal soul-mates. In the Vedas, Agni, the Solar deity of Fire, and Soma, the Lunar deity of Water, the elixir of immortality, are always together. They are always depicted very close together and called brother and sister. Soma is the feminine principle of our soul and Agni is the Masculine principle of our soul. . In Vedic astrology, every star constellation has a presiding deity who influences it. The deity of the Krittika constellation is Agni, and that of the Mrigasira constellation is Soma. The constellation between these two is Rohini which interestingly is considered as the most fertile constellation in our sky. Agni is the Solar principle, fire. Soma is the Lunar principle, water. Life thrives best when heat and moisture combine. Rohini , between the heat Agni. and moisture of Soma, is therefore the most abundant and fertile location among the 27 star-constellations..