Temple of Vesica

Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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Acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencil on canvas


60" X 40"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


In “Temple of Vesica” Bahar envision a futuristic-utopian temple inspired by the ancient symbol of Vesica Piscis. The red shape in the center of the “Temple of Vesica” painting is called Mandorla which is the middle space created by the intersection of two overlapping circles, called the Vesica Piscis . Vesica Piscis is a sacred geometry that has been used in various ancient temples, structures and sculptures including ancient christian structures and paintings. . The middle section, Mandorla looks like a vulva, the Yoni, female genitalia , which is the symbol of Shakti consciousness and power. Yoni means “womb” , “source” and “Holy passage” in Sanskrit. It acts as a passage for the non-physical soul to be manifested into the physical matter. Vesica Piscis is the symbol of Divine feminine, the Mother Goddess Consciousness, the place of birth, creation and unity. Unity of the masculine and the feminine, heaven and earth, spirit and matter, dark and light. . It is also related to materializing the abundance we have in the spirit world, in emotional and mental level, into the physical world in terms of matter- into anything tangible. . Goddesses like Durga have the middle section of vesica pisces on her forehead. . Vesica Piscis is a latin word literally meaning “Fish Bladder” which could be interpreted as “vessel of the fish” . Fish have an organ called “swim bladder” which is “the buoyancy organ of the fish” to help the fish regulate their depth. Mandorla symbol also looks like a fish and a fish bladder. Fish is a symbol of divine feminine and feminine qualities as well. The curved lines along the fish body carries feminine energy. The deeper spiritual meaning of fish, its symbolism, and its association with water is related to feminine qualities like intuition, compassion, psychic abilities, the unknown, mystery, healing, harmony, life giver, life itself, flexibility and softness.