On sirius

Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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Acrylic, oil paint, colored pencil, watercolor on clayboard


24" X 30"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


The painting "On Sirius" was inspired by my perceptions of the beings and civilizations found in the Sirius star system as well as the archetypal power of the Sirius star. In astrology, the Sirius star is known as our spiritual sun, or the Divine Sun. . The spiritual aspect of the sun in astrology is pure awareness. It is the consciousness of our divinity-our divine-self. The highest form of it is “the all-encompassing consciousness of the divine”. When we are one with our divine consciousness and see and feel the divine first in us, in everything and everywhere. . Our physical Sun obviously is the source of light, life, abundance and inspiration to act. We wake up everyday and are inspired to do things. Our spiritual Sun is also the source of abundance and inspiration. It is the source of intelligence , the higher mind, heightened awareness, brightness of mind and soul, enlightenment. The sun gives us vision to create, to innovate. The sun gives us visions similar to when we are on the top of a mountain and having the visions and sights of the surroundings. . This light-being energy is the representation of the energy of the Sirius star system. I like to create these light-beings , avatars more human-like so we can connect,relate and imagine what it would be like when we bring these energies in our physical body, while living on earth. This energy is influencing the earth. In my visions, the future humans will be able to activate this energy anytime they want. We all can embody this energy , no matter what our gender is.. People who embodied this energy are open -minded, extremely innovative people, they don’t get jaded. Since they are connected to the sun which is always renewing itself, it is the source of life, movement, the elements within the sun are always in motion- it is not stagnant. These people are very curious, they have a child-like curiosity, they are open to learning at any age. They have a sense of joy and playfulness. their inner child is alive. They look at things with a fresh mind. They see things outside of the box, so they can bring new things to this world like new technology, innovations, new ways of doing things, new ways of looking at things. they tend to shine since they are the Sun. Sun energy is very abundant obviously. People connected to this energy are extremely abundant as well; abundant in ideas, intelligence, emotions, in love, creative ideas, wealth, beauty. there is no sense of lack in this energy. if you are the sun, if you are connected to the source how would you feel any lack. They are optimists. They see the good side of things. They focus on the positive to change to create a better world. They are inspired and motivated to act. They are very open hearted, they have a big heart which is related to abundance as well. They have innocence and purity of the heart. They are creative, in whatever they do.