the Divine Aspect of Sun

Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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watercolor , colored pencil on coldpressed paper


8" X 11"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


The divine frequencies of the sun are impacting the earth and preparing us for the birth of a new Solar dynasty, a civilisation built on divine vibrations. Built by humans who are the complete embodiment of their God-like attributes to the extent permitted by the earthly realm's limits. These people have totally embodied their divine traits, have a golden aura, and are enlightened by the divine energy of their inner sun.I could see and feel the sun’s evolved beings. I could see the connection between the solar dynasty and civilization as they exist in the Golden age of the Sun. I could see the Sun’s particles, which are always in motion, in a playful way, connecting to each other in a creative way, creating different life forms and shapes that are ever-evolving, growing, and changing. Very active. . Not all the particles in the Sun look the same. They are different and have different divine influences. Some people call these particles "light codes." The sun, which I see as the source, is a very creative space. As we all know, the sun, in its physical form, is the source of life. It creates and gives life to everything on earth. Without the sun, life is impossible. The Sun is our source of life, as well as the source of the vital life force within, our drive, creativity, the illuminated higher mind, intelligence, innovation, and creative mind, and the passion within our soul, which I call Divine passion since it originated from our soul and is connected to the source intelligence. The colors I see in the sun are very soft, similar to the colors I used in the drawing. . When we fully embody the light codes of the sun within, we are fully enlightened beings. The Light of the Sun fully illuminates our heart, mind, and body. We will be in full connection with and embodiment of our divine selves. Our hearts will be warm with the divine love of the Sun, and our minds will be illuminated by divine intelligence, like a lotus in full bloom. Our mind is creative and sees things from a higher perspective, using out-of-the box thinking, Similar to Aquarius energy. . Embracing the divine Sun energy connects us to our higher mind , accessing the wisdom of Sirius and the Great central Sun. It helps us to create with love, joy, and optimism. By embodying this energy archetype, we will be bright, motivated, passionate,creative,and abundant, like the sun. We will have strong self-esteem and deep self-love. We will be self-reliant and confident, and at the same time, we will be very open and loving, with a curious mind, bringing optimism and hope to this world. We will be action-oriented, energized, and warm hearted.