Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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Acrylic paint, pastel, colored pencil on clayboard


36" X 48"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


In the "Mohini" artwork, Bahar depicts in painting the stone-carved relief from the Ayodhyapattinam Sri Rama temple in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. . Mohini is Indian mythology(devanagari:मोहिनी, mohinī) is the only female avatar of the Vedic god Vishnu. She is the incarnation of Vishnu. She is also believed to be a female disguise of Krishna. In my opinion, she is one of the most misunderstood avatars of vishnu. She is portrayed as a femme fatale, an enchantress, who maddens lovers, sometimes leading them to their doom , EVEN though it is already accepted that Mohini is an avatar of Vishnu. The way she is described is as a seductress. I believe the consciousness of human beings could not comprehend how someone could be a Divine being, incarnation of Vishnu / Krishna and at the same time to be the ultimate form of female beauty, sensuality and sexual magnetism, the Celestial Maiden. Mohini is the embodiment of a form of sensuality that could n’t exist during Kali yuga. The energetic vibration of the world during Kali yuga , and the patriarchy, did not match with the ultimate divine beauty of this Feminine archetype; as a result it got misinterpreted, misunderstood, either on purpose or by mistake. . Mohini is introduced into the hindu mythology in the narrative epic of the Mahabharata. Here, she appears as a form of vishnu, acquires the pot of amrita (an elixir of immortality) from thieving asuras (demons), and gives it back to the devas (gods), helping them retain their immortality. . In Indian classical and folk mythology she is known to have beguiled and tricked demons to save humanity and Divinity alike. Her enchanting, celestial beauty brought an end to the life of demon Bhasmasur who acquired a boon from God Shiva to burn everything with mere touch of his palm. In a few places I read about her it is mentioned that Mohini Seduced him to dance and made him burn himself. This story reminds me of the beautiful stories from Persian mythology like ATTAR NEISHABORY STORY OF the three BUTTERFLY, which is about true Lovers. that the true lover would burn and dissolve in the divine love. I believe the demon burned in the divine beauty of Mohini. In the light and love of Mohini, the demon could n’t exist anymore. . The word Seduction has been often used when Mohini is mentioned which is a low vibration word to use for a Divine being, avatar of Vishnu. . Bahar interpretation of Mohini is that she is the full embodiment of the LOVER archetype. Men, or in this case these sages around her, feel arousal. their base kundalini energy starts activating. This arousal, and activation of sexual energy is the opportunity to channel this energy to THEIR heart chakra and from there to the higher chakras. There is no need to do any action. Getting aroused is the opportunity to be awakened to their divine -self , opportunity to open their heart and channel their sexual energy to their higher chakras and enlightenment, opportunity to embody their innocence and purity in their heart to embody divine love. They are in awe, in the worshiping posture while they are aroused and their genitals are pointed at Mohini. They are in the state of Respect, worshiping while their face shows ultimate contentment, delight , happiness, and also a calmness,sweetness, deeply merged in the meditation, in their inner-world vibration. . Mohini is so comfortable in her skin, very empowered , her face and body expression shows that she is aware of her power and the effect she has on others. . Mohini the embodiment of the feminine beauty is making them to be aroused and awakened to their divine essence, It does n’t mean they are going to have sex with her, however there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex. In fact I believe through my own experience that without having a true committed love- intimate relationship, one cannot transcend beyond. Everyone is enchanted by her divine beauty , similar to when someone walks in a beautiful field covered by aromatic roses if sensitive enough will be aroused by the beauty of mother nature. . A goddess like Mohini and any woman who has awakened to her true value and beauty would never seduce since she does n’t need to seduce. Everyone is naturally attracted to her and her divine beauty, love and magnetism.