When Love Appeared

Bahar Acharjya
Bahar Acharjya
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Acrylic paint on canvas


24" X 38.5"






Not included


Hand-signed by artist


“When Love Appeared” is another painting in Bahar’s series of attempts to rectify the blatant omission of the sacred feminine from the socio-religious texts of certain patriarchal systems. The original miniature is a scenery from “Bustan” created by the great Iranian-persian poet “Sadi” in the 12th century. In the original miniature we would see a smiling king talking to the Darvishes. In my version the original poetry, seen at the top right in Farsi is replaced by Hafiz, which translates to . “The radiance of your divine beauty manifested in eternity Love appeared, and set fire to the entire universe, to the mountains, earth and seas” . In the original miniature the King is sitting on his altar in the center of the miniature which now has been replaced with “The sacred feminine”. Bahar says “I am amazed at how it seems like this miniature has always been like that.” . She has a white aura of light surrounding her head and face representing her divine nature . She is sitting on her golden altar beautifully, decorated with intricate kashi-kari, iranian-style ceramic tiles . Her posture emanates empowerment, love , wisdom and grace . There are ten male figures in sitting and standing postures in the courtyard indulged in the feminine presence of love and learning while experiencing glimpses of their divine qualities through this feminine presence.